The Best Paintball - Search And Rescue Radio

The unique features of the Garmin Rino. Some good gift ideas for paintball players. A good two way radio for search and rescue

Why The Garmin Rino 130 Is The Best Paintball and Search And Rescue Two Way Radio

For serious paintball players there is only one two way radio series to consider and that is the Garmin Rino. What makes the Rino the best paintball two way radio is the fact that it is a high tech blend of FRS-GMRS radio and GPS in one compact unit.

In addition to playing paintball our team volunteers for search and rescue work. The Garmin Rino 130 radio - GPS combination is perfect for both paintball games and the very serious activity of search and rescue work. A nice sized, high resolution display allows you to read downloaded maps or track your team members onscreen. An electronic compass augments the GPS for direction finding. 

Planning paintball attacks is much easier when you can see a visual of the terrain and where your team members are located. This tracking feature is also useful for hunters, hikers and search and rescue parties working in rough terrain.

The Best Paintball Two Way Radio Needs To Be Private

Privacy codes allow you and your team members to be cloaked from your opponents Garmin Rino displays and the fact that you have 22 channels to choose from allows for near total privacy. In addition to the privacy codes there is the option of going to fully scrambled voice transmission. You can be discrete by using a boom microphone, sold separately and by using the vibrate feature of the radio for incoming calls.

To alert paintball players or search and rescue teams to inclement weather there is both a built in barometer and NOAA weather channels.

In our small paintball group we experimented with four of  the Garmin Rino 130 radios and found them very easy to operate for the first time user. Controls are fairly intuitive although setting up things such as privacy codes takes a while to figure out. The display is easy to read in all but direct sunlight. Just shading the Garmin Rino 130 with your body is enough to see the screen clearly. The icons showing your friend's positions update quickly even when they are moving at a fast pace, though heavy tree cover can affect team mate's position readout from time to time.

The Best Paintball Two Way Radio Also Ready For Serious Business

We found that the battery life of the Garmin Rino 130 was more than adequate for most paintball games. Just make sure the unit is fully charged before beginning your game. Because of the need for a highly reliable form of communications for our volunteer work we each have our Garmin Rino 130's ready for search and rescue missions. There are cheaper radios out there but none with as many features.  In our area there is a GMRS repeater that will pick up and rebroadcast your radio transmission up to twenty miles or more. The Garmin Rino 130 is repeater capable, something most GMRS two way radios are not. For more on how GMRS long range repeaters work see this article : Long Range GMRS Radios


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