Airsoft Games 3 Games to Test Your New Airsoft Tactical Vest

3 games to test your new airsoft tactical vest and see if you've truly mastered the art of war or not.

So you’ve just dumped another paycheck into your Airsoft arsenal and you’re aching to test out your new Airsoft tactical vest. There’s no better time to get out there and try a new game. There’s no doubt it, though. You’re sure to kick butt and put the others players to shame, especially if they’re still fumbling around with lost bbs. Luck you, your tactical vest has you covered.

Hostage Rescue

Without so much as a blink of an eye, innocent people have been taken hostage by a group of tech-savvy terrorists. Does your team have what it takes to extract the hostages safely and get them out of harm’s way? Or maybe you like to be the villain and want to try and ward off the rescuing team? Either way, hostage rescue makes for a very strategic game to test your skills and put your new Airsoft tactical vest to the test.

In the hostage rescue game, the terrorist team is red. The hostages themselves and the rescuing team make up the blue team. The terrorists are allowed a five minute head start to get the hostages to where they’re going to be held. The blue team wins if the hostages are successfully extracted to the safe area. The blue team wins if no hostages are allowed to escape. Some ground rules:

• The red team is not allowed to move the hostages from the original holding area.

• Both teams remain at their flag until time starts.

• A hostage may not escape by their own means; there must be a rescuer there to “help” them.

• Of course, anyone hit by a pellet is instantly eliminated.

Prison escape

You’ve managed to find yourself locked up in a prison cell that is guarded by the bad guys. Prisoners start in the holding area and attempt to escape with the guards own guns. As a prisoner, you will have to sneak your way through a well-guarded area with guns you have stolen. As a guard, you use your skills to keep the prisoners at bay. The guards win if they’re able to capture the prisoners and foil their escape. The prisoners win if they’re able to successfully find the guards weapons and escape with them to the safe area. Some ground rules:

• Prisoners are required to find the guards weapons and take them with them as they escape.

• The guards get a five minute head start.

• Use a signal loud enough for everyone to hear to represent the start of the game.

• If you’re eliminated (hit by a pellet), you must remain quiet and give no help.

King of the hill

This is very much like the game you probably remember playing as a child. The two teams are the attackers and the defenders. Obviously, the defenders have control of the hill and try to hold it secure. The attackers are trying to gain control over the hill. The hill is considered captured if the attackers are able to infiltrate the area and capture the flag. The hill doesn’t necessarily have to be a hill at all; the hill can be any identified area that is out in the open. The attackers start the game away from the hill and out of range of the defenders. This gives the defenders time to plan for the attack. The group that is able to obtain the closest range to the flag by the end of the game wins.


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